Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fourth of July Fireworks in Los Angeles- Free - Fun - Family

Fourth of July Fireworks Festival and Fireworks Exravaganza in Los Angeles at The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Fourth of July at the Los Angeles Coliseum

Fourth of July at the LA Coliseum is an extravaganza of all things red, white and blue—from the delicious food, musical performances, and great music broadcast from the KJLH 102.3FM booth, plus a carnival booth for the kids and a breathtaking fireworks display that will leave you and your family, saying, Ooooooh, Aaaaaah.

The fireworks will begin at dusk approximately  9pm, but the Los Angeles Coliseum festivities will open at Noon on  Independence Day, at which time family festivities and fun will commence.  FESTIVAL EXHIBITS!

ATTRACTIONS: L.A. City Council Member Curren Price and his 9th District hosts L.A.’s 4th of July FIREWORKS EXTRAVAGANZA with a day/night festival and patriotic and fun-filled musical performances from the main stage.
Deborah Deras, Latina Influencer, Spokesperson, Author and Motivational Speaker will be your emcee/host for the event.
PLUS food, games, music, rides and family-oriented sponsor exhibits. FREE ADMISSION.
Produced by All Access Entertainment, producers of Fiesta Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles with over 500,000 participants and Fiestas Patrias Sept 12-13 at Olvera Street.
Email:  or  Tel: 310-945-5651
Deborah Deras, Marketing Consultant
It's Families, It's Fun, It's Festive. It's FREE!!!
Fiestas Patrias California: Sept 12 & 13, 2015 -Olvera Street
Cinco de Mayo, 2016
Fiesta Broadway

Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to Travel on A Budget

How to Travel on a Budget: 
In my case, two trips for the price of one (Miami & Hawaii)

I don't know about you but I am all about travelling for the least amount of money possible so I can travel when I want, where I want and on the budget I desire. That's why I use public transportation whenever I can. Especially, in great Cities like: Miami, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Portland. 

That being said, I have always been a devoted Southwest Airlines fan and have used my points time and time again to take trips for as low as $11 dollars. Pretty freaking cool. Full discosure, I am a Latina Motivational Speaker so I travel more than the average person. That being said, I had to attend a conference in Miami and only could commit to a one way flight on Southwest.

I had to book a cheap flight at the last minute on the way back so a friend who travels for business even more than I do twice a week, recommended that recommended Delta as the cheapest and shortest flight with the least cumbersome connections. BONUS TIP: Avoid big international airports if possible for connecting flights such as: Dallas, Atlanta, Miami because layovers can be short (choose Phoenix, North Carolina, Love Airport) and you have to take trams in these airports to get between terminals which unless you are a runner like me may leave you breathless.

First time, using and they were good the only glitch was they put my address as my name. I know I am Latina, actually, Colombiana to be specific with 10 million names but did you really think my entire address was my name. En serio?

So, long blog post short, I was able to get a flight back from Miami for a low, low price of about 250 bucks on through

I never flew Delta and was absolutely decided to discover that the seats are literally ten times bigger than Southwest. I am a petite person at 5 feet but I had so much legroom, I fit both carry ons easily under the seat. Downside, Delta does charge for luggage but if you get a credit car or enough miles the first bag goes free. It is certainly worth what I am about to tell you. This story gets really good.

So, my friends, I am tired after a looong 5 days of very productive networking and decide I will miss South Beach this trip and just be grateful I got to smell the Ocean from our yacht cruise. I am headed to the plane with all intentions of heading home to my beautiful home town of Santa Monica  / Silicon Beach. I get to the gate and the very sweet and super guapo gate attendant, Cesar, says, he has an offer for a few people to give up their seats because they are overbooked, if they have a flexible schedule.

It took me about 5 seconds to ponder, do I want to return home to my empty bed, no pets home to just sleep off jetlag or would I like to take the offer to receive $600 (previous offer was $500, how I got the extra $100 could only be KARMA), hotel voucher, food vouchers for $30 plus transportation to and from the airport.

#DebtheExplorer Loves Delta Airlines
This would allow me to spend Saturday in South Beach, Miami (my favorite destination)  and have $600 to visit my dear frien in Hawaii next month. WHATTTT!!!! A trip I was seriously thinking of skipping until this twist of fate.

"Me, #DebtheExplorer, I volunteer!"
    Cesar, thanked me for being so generous and giving.

"Hey, sharing is caring, I thought to myself, secretly imagining myself frolicing in the Miami Beach, Carribean turqoise warm water with white soft angelic sand with tons of sex appeal and doing the hula next month at a luau on the beaches of Kaui.
    Hold on maam, we will prepare your vouchers.

This is where PATIENCE comes in. Not, one of my stronger qualities but as a traveller my friend especially if you want to try my on the dime tips this is a requirement. I think it took about 45 minutes to process the change because they had to finish boarding the plane and than by the time I had got to the shuttle I had spent 4 hours of my day at the airport. Like I say to my small business marketing consulting clients you either have money to pay or time to wait so everything is a choice and we have control of our destiny in life and destinations in travel.

I also recommend that you pack as little as possible, be a minimalist. Even on this short 5 day trip, I had 4 dresses I didn't wear. #demasiado (too much). I lose points for that. I have been travelling since 8 years old, under the coaching of my Grandmother Ida, who travelled until she was 84 years old and I should have known better but we live and learn, no judgement.

I did not have luggage for a day and if I had packed lighter I would have been able to have my carry on with me on the plane and would have had all my stuff with me. In this case, I was forced to shop but bought a whole cute outfit that can also work for Hot8Yoga when I get home at Ross (my favorite). I also bought a bathing suite type outfit at Walgreen for only $24.

Thank God, due to my meditation practice (click here for a free MP3 off my Meditation for Success Album) my intuition is soooo strong, I had a divine download to go to my very expensive but worth in Equinox gym in South Beach, Miami so I could change and shower after the beach so I wouldn't be sandy on the airplane. Great, amazing idea to have their wonderful steam room, Kiehls hair and lotion products to feel luxurious even after a fabulous Miami Beach day in the sun.

#DebtheExplorer Travel Tip Sheet

Step One: Be flexible with travel schedule is at all possible. I don't recommend having kids, pets or needy significant others. If you have them keep them but if you don't be mindful the travel life requires freedom to stop, drop and fly.

Step Two: Be patient with travel delays and unexpected circumstances. This will come with time and age and quite frankly it is inevitable. Travelling is fun but the process of getting to your destination can be tedious especially if you travel like I do every week, multiple times a week.

Step Three: Be a minimalist. I did not have luggage for a day and if I had packed lighter I would have been able to have my carry on with me on the plane and would have had all my stuff with me. In this case, I was forced to shop which is always so sad, not!!!

I bought a whole cute outfit that I can also wear for Hot8Yoga when I get home at Ross (my favorite), two pair of yoga pants, a visor and a beach bag for $44. Come on, that is great savings. Travel affecianados like you and I, save their money for travelling not clothes.

I also bought a bathing suit type outfit at Walgreens for only $24 Miami shirt that doubles as a nice travel souvenier or momento and a pair of shorts perfect again for Hot8Yoga, you have to multipurpose when travelling on a dime.

Now, I am booked on my Delta flight to Kaui, Hawaii. Stay tuned for more travel tips.

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